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In early 2000, saddled with a job that no longer suited me, I sought the guidance of a seer, a kinesiologist, named Gary. We’d begin each session with me telling him what I wanted to work on, then he’d do muscle testing. Early on in our work, he said, “You’re a spiritual healer.” Confused, as I’d not mentioned anything of a spiritual nature, my unimaginative reply was, “What?”

In a later session, Gary said, “You’re a writer.” I just stared at him. He repeated, “You’re a writer.”  “Huh?” Our work together spanned six months of delving into my true nature, heretofore, carefully buried. Much uncovering took place. These uplifting sessions opened the door to the next step in my spiritual evolution. Shortly thereafter, I found my way to Science of Mind, a New Thought philosophy, whose teachings taught me about the Divine Law of Cause and Effect, and forgiveness.

With faith and conviction, I slowly grew into the writer I was meant to be. With the only guidance on how to proceed being ‘you have a book to write.’ I grapple with how to begin, what to write. At the time, I was passionately involved with anti-racist work and assumed that was to be the book.  I spent six years writing a historical novel about race and racism which now resides in the bottom drawer of my desk: a stillbirth.

Initially when I balked at Gary’ suggestion, saying I didn’t want to do all the research that goes into writing a book, he replied, “No, no, not necessary, it’s all within you.”

After a proper mourning for my buried tome, I went into prayer/meditation mode, diving inward, focusing, asking myself what was mine to write. The results: the emergence of my awarding winning memoir, Flight Instructions: A Journey Through Guilt through Forgiveness.

Amen, and so it is!

Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back…you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfillment.– John O. Donohue


Daily Ritual

Three hundred and forty days of the year my mornings begin with a pre-breakfast daily ritual of spiritual food to feed my soul. I read bits from the current month’s edition of Science of Mind magazine, passages from The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes, pray, and mediate. Every other day my ritual is followed […]

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