Change is the one constant in life. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus says, “Nothing endures but change.” I invite you to count with me. How many states, cities, and countries have you lived in? How many times have you moved residences within the time period in each location? How many jobs have you held, how many marriages/romances, how many children, how many loved ones have passed, how many triumphs and challenges?

This exercise illustrates that change is indeed a constant in our lives. Some of us love change, look forward to it, celebrate it. Some dread it; even mourn change and what it represents. Something gone, taken away.

My childhood was spent in one place, in one town. I resided there—225 West Carson in Pocatello, Idaho—until I left home to marry. I had one marriage, three children, and a few moves to different states and towns while my husband established himself in his career. Most of those fourteen years could be described as ordinary, normal. Happy.

Then, in 1972, the BIG change: I left those fourteen years of marriage, of family, and began life anew. Thereafter, my middle name was change. Loosened from my family, severed from the life I had known for over thirty years, I feel liberated and lost at the same time. The freedom was exhilarating, but I was completely rudderless. When I dig out my rosy colored hindsight glasses, I can say I made it through alright, but many of those years were fraught with guilt. However, something deep inside lifted me up during that decades-long transition and I gradually woke to my true spiritual nature.

Since the “big” one, I’ve lived in two countries—United Stated and England—four states, six cities, and throughout, resided in twenty-three dwellings. I attended four universities, and taught in three.

Don’t let your history dictate your destiny. –Bishop T. J. Jakes

Ernest Holmes says, “Our destiny is Divine and sure…the soul is on the pathway of experiencing self-discovery.”My life has been rich and full because of change. The one thing I’ve learned is that while everything changes, nothing changes who I am, my own authentic being. And, even that is subject to intermittent change.


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