120px-Love_heart_uidaodjsdsewChasing love:

Love has been metered out in poems;

Woven into song lyrics;

Bellowed from tops of buildings;

Love, love, love, love;

Love, written and spoken for infinitude.

I read about love, I take in the written words about love. And, I wonder why the self-love piece took so long to chase down.  Ernest Holmes says, “Love is a cosmic force whose sweep is irresistible.” Why did I resist? I know forgiveness had something to do with it. If you’ve read my memoir, Flight Instructions: A Journey Through Guilt to Forgiveness, you know that my decades-long journey, my flight, has brought forgiveness. Self-love didn’t trail far behind, but the shield over my heart had been solidly riveted into place.

One of the principles I abide by from Science of Mind tells me, “All is love, but all is law, one balances the other.” Spiritual law makes no exemptions. Whatever a person thinks into the Law of Mind is returned to them. For years I tried to trick myself into thinking I possessed love of self, but the Law knew that the message came from my head, not my heart.

I made the decision in 2012 to travel the 12 inch distance down from my head to my heart for some serious listening. I learned that discovering sacred love is an inside job. I was able to suss out the barriers that were stalling my embrace of such a love. The foolery used as blinders were mostly egoist things: higher education, job status, bank account. My inner soul, however, wasn’t buying it. Finally congruence; a match, a link: mind, body, soul merging.

With my handy, rose-colored hindsight glasses, I now see that self-forgiveness and self-love ran parallel; both having been included in my Flight Instructions!

Your task is not to seek for love but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. – Rumi

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