Continuing the theme of magic from my last blog, I will dig deeper into the wisdom of seasoned perception, and show how I continued to hone my alchemist prowess on my journey toward forgiveness. The punishing effects of the cause I made as a young adult steadily dissipated and I determined to keep on course. Fortified by the fairy dust that I manifested, and all that it represented, I went on to transform magic into miracles.

The decades-long journey produced thousand of miracles, large and small. People, places and things in my life began to line up in clear, observable ways. Being spiritually asleep during those early days had some advantages because I was able to simply move on with my life, no fretting. There was an element of wonder along the way, although some stumbling was involved. Miraculously, I always managed to right myself.

Seeking outside help from a spiritual teacher enabled me to sweep away the last vestiges of denial and guilt. The chilling truth revealed, I saw how denial had fed my guilt, not allowing me to feel the sadness of what I’d done and stood in the way of my grieving. The grieving, so necessary, allowed me to recognize the deep sorrow and intense remorse I had felt for leaving my children. This led to the miracle of healing and forgiveness.

We are in league with the Infinite every time we think, whether we know it or not.–Margaret Stortz

 In step with the Infinite, I went from mystery, to magically manifest a miracle.  In the end, though, there is no mystery to the Truth. The decades old kernel of Faith held the power to grow me into my true authentic self.


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