My reality is that for two weeks I’ve allowed thoughts of lack and limitation to stand in my way of writing this blog. My themes of late, post-memoir, have been upbeat and I wanted this blog entry to be thematic. However, reality isn’t always upbeat, and I’ve learned that I can’t stuff my feelings. When the low vibrations creep into my thinking, my thoughts jump to “what is wrong with me,” and then show up in some body part in unpleasant ways. My gut in this case; the solar plexus, with a clutching pain griping my insides.

What to do when lack and limitation, anger, money worries, etc. stares me in the face? I try to ignore them but then I am faced with what Science of Mind says “…there is no reality of sickness in Spirit.” In my heart I know that all is well, even if my head hasn’t caught up, and I need to be tender with myself as I work through these feelings. There will always be things I don’t like, things that challenge my body, mind, and spirit.

From my spiritual practice, I’ve pieced together a concept, a way of processing these reoccurring thoughts. There is Reality with a capital “R” and reality with a little “r”

(R)eality = spiritual—(r)eality = personal.

The two are connected; both about me and about God/Spirit. My spiritual side (R) knows I live in a world of abundance. My personal side (r) is experiencing a financial squeeze. There is something that exists in the space between the two realities—faith and trust. I will cross the space between the yet unknown and trust.

When I’m in (R)eality, I’m not in control, God is. God always has a greater plan for my life, and at the same time (r)eality is all around. Ram Dass says that the spiritual heart is the doorway to the soul and that doorway brings the soul to everyday life. Get rid of impurities which are thoughts and thoughts and thoughts. Wrong thinking.

         We are not about ignoring the facts; we are however, very much about knowing the Truth. –Rev. Dr. Terry Drew Karanen


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